Oct 13, 2010




tu je la yg bole sy tulis kt sini..
hehe..again..my promise to post at least once a week or a post a day had been abandoned somewhere..pastu telupe plak nk kutip balik..

anyways..ive got another active writer to post here, which is none other than my own beloved besties..DAAAAMEEYY...so she will take care of this blog from now on..tp sy pon post jgk..dont worry..

i have tooooo maaaaaaaaany things to post but i also toooooooooo bussy doing something elses and due to some circumstances and i cant surf the internet..well2.. skng da ade kt tmpt yg ade permanent internet so i'll start posting back..ok???

love yall..muahxxx

pape pon..alhamdulillah sbb lately ni ade sorg chinggu yg support this blog and im so touched that there are people who read this blog..

oh..alhamdulillah jgk Allah perpjg kn umo blog ni and bg sentuhan di hati kitorg utk ttp post something yg bermanfaat utk kami dan kamu2 semua..insyaAllah..

see u nx time..

1 comment:

damey said...

sapekah chinggu tu??

toce2.ak crik idea lg k nk tulis ape t.jia you!!


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