Aug 19, 2010



hi guys, sorry ye ..lame beno xpost pape..actually i got home and a bit carried away with that and my lame excuse is my mom wont let me touch her new lappy and that is the only source to connect with you all..huhu..tori..

em..ape all must have known about this..the latest news in Malaysia which is abandoning baby at dumpwaste places..aih..not the latest but byk kan skng ni..

i'll post for you something that my sis reminding me about :

1) Isu buang bayi ni baru bermula Ramadhan ini ke atau dah lama?

2) Isu buang bayi hanyalah simptom kepada suatu penyakit, tapi apa penyakit tu? (penyakit : zina, pergaulan bebas, dunia materialisme dan hedonisme)

3) How nak selesaikan masalah ini? (kerajaan ada buat tempat khas nak buang bayi, tapi ini bukan penyelesaian yg long term..ia hanya merawati simptom, bukan penyakit tersebut. analogi : kita boleh bagi orang leukimia yang botak pakai rambut palsu, tapi itu tak merawati penyakitnya yang, apa penyelesaian yang sebenar?)

4) Apa peranan kita? (adakah peranan kita hanyalah seperti media yang melaporkan, tetapi tidak menyelesaikan? kita bukan nak bergosip ttg isu buang bayi, tapi nak selesaikan isu buang bayi)

as what you all can see..most people including me wolud say like this :

"buat anak reti..jage xnk"
"biase la tu..kahwin dah, nikah blom"

in the end..sume org jz tau merungut instead of doing something to stop it..
which side will you choose ? the one that keep on complaining or the one who step forward to stop all of this buang anak thingy? i know that i have chose mine but what's yours?

Aug 5, 2010



i dont know what to post..

i just feel..i dont have any purpose in life lately..

i want to do something for Islam..

i want to do so many things until i didnt do anything at all..

i dont know..

there is a sister who told this :
why staying at a place with dim light just to make you live in a blurry view of life
go and stay at another place with bright light that had been shared by the people
inside it, so at least you can have the light and have a clear vision in life.

suggestions, anyone?

what should i do?

Aug 2, 2010



hi guys..minta maaf byk2..actually i promised myself to post at least a post a day..but now i mcm da terlmbtkn a few days before anta yg ni..hehe..sorry i like to talk about what i saw yesterday..which is a couple standing in front of me while the guy trying to protect the girl from falling by hugging her..erm..sounds fun..heee~owh..lupe lak..i was in the bus on the way home form Zillal..

the thing is the couple are MUSLIM and the girl was wearing hijjab!!!

come on are muslims..why are you doing all this and in front of everyone..i know if someone snap you right in the face saying you cant do that then you'll give this as an excuse "ramai org sgt dlm bus ni..kang die jatuh..lgpon sume pemegang da ade org pegang"..what a lame excuse!!!

least of all Muslims out there knew about this or they knew but they just ignore it, which is :

dan nikahlah orang-orang yang masih membujang di antar kamu, dan juga orang-orang
layak menikah dari hamba-hamba sahayamu yang laki-laki dan perempuan. jika mereka miskin, Allah akan member kemampuan kepada mereka dengan karunia-Nya. dan Allah Maha Luas, Maha Mengetahui [An-Nur : 32]

another reason why i talk about this on this post because i had been remembered by a da'ie on the other day..she made me sooooo nervous talking about this nikah thingy and i had to go to the toilet because i was too nervous..haha

well actually, we just talking and suddenly we realised that both of us had the same old we talked and talked..and she told me about this :

  • Wajib kepada orang yang mempunyai nafsu yang kuat sehingga boleh menjatuhkan ke lembah maksiat (zina dan sebagainya) sedangkan ia seorang yang mampu.disini mampu bermaksud ia mampu membayar mahar(mas berkahminan/dower) dan mampu nafkah kepad bakal isterinya. Dalam permasalahan ini boleh didahulukan perkahwinan dari naik haji kerana gusar penzinaan akan berlaku, tetapi jika dapat dikawal nafsu, maka ibadat haji yang wajib perlu didahulukan kerana beliau seorang yang berkemampuan dalam segala aspek.
  • Sunat kepada orang yang mampu tetapi dapat mengawal nafsunya.
  • Harus kepada orang yang tidak ada padanya galakan dan bantahan untuk berkahwin dan ini merupakan hukum asal perkahwinan
  • Makruh kepada orang yang tidak berkemampuan dari segi nafkah batin dan lahir tetapi sekadar tidak memberi kemudaratan kepada isteri, samaada ia kaya atai tiada nafsu yang kuat
  • Haram kepada orang yang tidak berkempuan untuk memberi nafkah batin dan lahir dan ia sendiri tidak berkuasa (lemah), tidak punya keinginan berkahwin serta akan menganiaya isteri jika dia berkahwin. the couple out there..if you think you are included in one of the post up there, i think you should start doing your calculation because you are in kategori WAJIB okaayyy!! because you already have a mate or calon and you have the feelings already..what to think more?

Allah dan berjanji yang jika kita miskin, Allah sendiri akan bg kemampuan kpd kite..bersangke baik lah kpd Allah dlm melakukan ibadah kpd-Nya dan yakin lah akan ketentuan Tuhan itu sendiri..InsyaAllah.. the way..hasil from our conversation..we both think that we in Harus category..utk mase lah kak ***** ye??

*i love her..haha..she is just to soft for me and she is completely the other side of me but the way she advises me make me more realises how beautifull Allah has made us, the human in understanding each other..UKHWAH TO THE TOP!! InsyaAllah..


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