Dec 14, 2010



hallo semua..eton di sini (tone Indonesian)..
spt ingin meminte maaf diatas keksgn blog kami..sorry sgt2..

today's topic is the prospective of marriage from women side~

kite slalu denga mende ni :
(i don't know if it's true but based on my investigations after i asked a few of my classmates, they seemed to answered the same thing)

~lelaki bile nk couple, ngan mane2 girl pon xpe~
~tp ble diorg nk pilih isteri, laki akan pilih pompuan yg baik, 
pkai tudung, sopan santun utk wat bini~
(am i right?)

that's what the guys think.. but have you, guys, ever think what will the girls think of you? what they want from a male-soon-to-become-husband ?

we, women, will think the same thing as you want us to be, which is :

~pompuan ble nk couple, ngan mane2 laki pon bole~
~tp ble nk kawin, kitorg mesti cari laki yg bole bimbing kitorg~

see the similarities? nope?
both genders want the Islamic side on the other person..
my question to all of you guys who had the same thinking as mentioned before, 

1. do you deserved a better person for yourself since you, yourself are not good or have the Islamic-self ?

2. why wait for others to change you? why cant you changed yourself first before wanting for better thing to happen?

3. don't you think the guy/girl who have Islamic-self deserved someone who is better for themself?

pnh bace x yg ni ?

perempuan-perempuan yang keji untuk laki-laki yang keji, dan laki-laki yang keji untuk perempuan-perempuan yang keji (pula), sedangkan perempuan-perempuan yang baik untuk laki-laki yg baik, dan laki-laki yang baik untuk perempuan-perempuan yang baik (pula)... [An-Nur : 26]

~rasenye maksod perempuan baik utk laki baik kalo menurut pendpt sy ialah perempuan tu mmg seorg yg baik dan memerlukan bimbingan dr seorg laki utk menmbh kebaikan dlm kehidupan berkeluarga dan mengembangkan kelompok Islam sebenar itu sendiri..and of course vice versa~

don't get me wrong..i'm not saying that a person who didn't apply Islamic rules in their life and make it as priority is not good or in term of upper verse "perempuan2 keji".. i'm just saying what goes around comes around..betol x? for exampleS :

- jika anda org yg bercouple byk2 kali..dan memainkn perasaan org lain..don't you think that someday there will be someone who will hurt your feelings just like what you did to the other person?

- jika anda org yg krg baik dlm ape jua makna baik dr segi pendpt masing2..will you deserved someone better?

- don't you feel responsible for the rest of your life thinking that your partner should have another better person than you, because he is too good and you are a not-so-good person?

ok lah..cite pjg2 wat pening plak..
what i'm trying to say in this post is, we, if we want the best partner or soulmate in life, we should first change ourself for the better and not sitting while waiting for it to happen. we need to take a step and improve ourself if we do want something good to happen..cthnye : ble kite rajin blaja then result simple as that. this is the other brilliant example for you guys to take a look :

adapun orang-orang yang beriman kepada Allah dan berpegang teguh kepada agama-Nya, maka Allah akan memasukkan mereka ke dalam rahmat dan karunia dari-Nya (syurga), dan menunjukkan mereka jalan yang lurus kepada-Nya [An-Nisa' : 175]

yg ni lg best dan mmg akan terlaksane sbb Allah xkn pnh mungkir janji..

so why wait? for ladies and gents out there, don't you think its time for you all to change your prospectives and try reaching a higher level before wanting for something that you knew you didn't deserve it well..

"Without hardship, there is no treasure; he who worked is paid in full measure." [Couplet]
oh..lupe nk btau..for girls out there who want to change for the better, just go for it. you'll like it. serious. hopefully you'll find the guy. amin.
"What is destined will reach you, even if it be underneath two mountains. What is not destined, will not reach you, even if it be between your two lips!" [An Arabic proverb]

this quote is for those who had been or is giving an opportunity from Allah to do better in their life.

just have faith in yourself.!!!!!

p.s : byk plak ak membbl..nanite!

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