Aug 19, 2010



hi guys, sorry ye ..lame beno xpost pape..actually i got home and a bit carried away with that and my lame excuse is my mom wont let me touch her new lappy and that is the only source to connect with you all..huhu..tori..

em..ape all must have known about this..the latest news in Malaysia which is abandoning baby at dumpwaste places..aih..not the latest but byk kan skng ni..

i'll post for you something that my sis reminding me about :

1) Isu buang bayi ni baru bermula Ramadhan ini ke atau dah lama?

2) Isu buang bayi hanyalah simptom kepada suatu penyakit, tapi apa penyakit tu? (penyakit : zina, pergaulan bebas, dunia materialisme dan hedonisme)

3) How nak selesaikan masalah ini? (kerajaan ada buat tempat khas nak buang bayi, tapi ini bukan penyelesaian yg long term..ia hanya merawati simptom, bukan penyakit tersebut. analogi : kita boleh bagi orang leukimia yang botak pakai rambut palsu, tapi itu tak merawati penyakitnya yang, apa penyelesaian yang sebenar?)

4) Apa peranan kita? (adakah peranan kita hanyalah seperti media yang melaporkan, tetapi tidak menyelesaikan? kita bukan nak bergosip ttg isu buang bayi, tapi nak selesaikan isu buang bayi)

as what you all can see..most people including me wolud say like this :

"buat anak reti..jage xnk"
"biase la tu..kahwin dah, nikah blom"

in the end..sume org jz tau merungut instead of doing something to stop it..
which side will you choose ? the one that keep on complaining or the one who step forward to stop all of this buang anak thingy? i know that i have chose mine but what's yours?

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